Test: Portfolio entry

Youth surveys and focus groups
Communications audit
Competitive landscape analysis
Semi-structured interviews with youth, worksite supervisors, YouthWorks staff, and potential employers. 
Intercept interviews conducted with youth and their parents at YouthWorks events
Pattern finding in journey maps created by 15 young adults tracking milestones and influences between first jobs and the first job they loved
Training a group of 9 youth workers in journey mapping (and compensating them) to document and reflect on their own experiences during the program, as well as attend mid-point and completion co-design workshops 
Conducting one-time ideation workshops with different worksites (sometimes at their workplace and sometimes at the MICA Center for Social Design, where the workshop always ends in a ball pit photo shoot!) to inform the creation of an introductory professional skills curriculum and toolkit
Collaborative youth and community co-design sessions to support final deliverables


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