Hi there, I’m Molly.

I use research, strategy, and service design methods to drive positive human (and humanity-centered) outcomes.

Currently, I lead high-performing consumer strategy project teams at Fannie Mae through research and design processes that result in strategies, services, and products to drive meaningful user and business outcomes.

I believe that innovation means solving real peoples’ real problems really well. This means the solutions I’ve worked on have been wide-ranging. Some of my favorites include: 

  • the first Paraguayan national volunteer service program focused on connecting local communities to federal resources called Arovia
  • a human-centered intake form and process to reduce stigma and improve youth experience for Baltimore City Health Department’s sexual health clinics
  • an interactive and educational policy timeline of the history of the racial homeownership gap
  • a ball pit for improved collaboration at the MICA Center for Social Design
  • user insights to guide national hospice policy making
  • a museum-like installation sharing research findings to build consensus on affordable housing strategy options within the manufactured housing industry
  • a Jopara language radio soap opera focused on family finance education in Yaguaron, Paraguay

Read about more of my work in my portfolio or reach out for a copy of my resume.