MICA Anthropology of Emotions Course: Ritual Design Seminar

How might we use rituals as a need finding tool to inform and improve behavior change methods?

img_3749Project in a Nutshell
Designed and delivered an undergraduate anthropology seminar on Ritual Design.


As part of my Graduate Teaching Assistantship with Professor Ruth Toulson I developed a class period in the undergraduate course The Anthropology of Emotions. The Ritual Design Seminar I delivered explored the role of rituals and how they can provide insights into human aspirations, culture, and how one creates meaning in life. Through conversation and small group activities we discussed how rituals can provide insight about the behaviors of a person or group of people, and how designing new rituals may help inspire behavior change or new product/process adoption if you meet people where they are.

See my Ritual Design presentation here.


Plotting personal, familial, and cultural rituals.


Analyzing individual, collective, secular, and religious rituals as a group.

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